21 July 2009


These flags are $13.99 each and a portion of the proceeds from their sale goes to purchase satellite PAT tags for tarpon, with no administrative costs. Fly support for the tagging program and let everybody know you've caught and released a tarpon for research. Contact Jean Eastman at eastmanart@yahoo.com to order your Tarpon Tomorrow Catch and Release Flag today!!! Tarpon Tomorrow is a research organization based in Texas. website- http://site.tarpontomorrow.com/Home_Page.php

05 July 2009

Full Text Link and Cover Photo from the Book, "The Tarpon or Silver King- It's History and The Method of Capture" Published in 1888

Tarpon Info Update

The video link below depicts a school of large mature tarpon cruising under a Florida Keys bridge May 2009 as they move northward along their seasonal migration route. The Bonefish & Tarpon Conservation and Research Center of the University of Miami is conducting satellite PAT tagging research on the tarpon to study its migration patterns. For more information and to support the research, please go to http://www.bonefishresearch.com/

Link to video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaUBVyWBbzA

Wonder if this is what the tarpon look like under the Sunshine Skyway that spans Tampa Bay?

Also of Interest- Taxonomy- Tarpon

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Domain: Eukaryota- Whittaker & Margulis,1978 - eukaryotes

Kingdom: Animalia- Linnaeus, 1758 - animals

Subkingdom: Bilateria- (Hatschek, 1888) Cavalier-Smith, 1983

Branch: Deuterostomia- Grobben, 1908

Infrakingdom: Chordonia- (Haeckel, 1874) Cavalier-Smith, 1998

Phylum: Chordata - Bateson, 1885 - Chordates

Subphylum: Vertebrata- Cuvier, 1812 - Vertebrates

Infraphylum: Gnathostomata - Auct. - Jawed Vertebrates

Superclass: Osteichthyes- Huxley, 1880 - Bony Fishes

Class: Osteichthyes- Huxley, 1880 - Bony Fishes

Subclass: Actinopterygii- Ray-Finned Fishes

Infraclass: Actinopteri

Cohort: Elopomorpha - Greenwood Et Al., 1966

Order: Elopiformes- Greenwood Et Al., 1966 - Tarpons and Tenpounders

Family: Megalopidae- Tarpons

Genus: Megalops

Specific name: atlanticus - Valenciennes, 1847

Scientific Name: Megalops atlanticus- Valenciennes, 1847 This link will take you to Fishbase and detailed scientific information for this species.