24 March 2009

Tarpon Video Shorts from Spanish Fly Theater

Received permission from the folks at "Spanish Fly" to post the links to these two short videos.

Check out this short of Capt. Wejebe sitting on the beach watching tarpon roll while he eats a sandwich! http://www.spanishflytv.com/theater/swt-tortugas-tarpon.php The close up of how a tarpon eats is classic. Where I live and fish for tarpon I am often blind casting or fishing deep, and rarely get to see the fish take the bait/lure/fly. It's nice to have a snapshot in my mind of what the take looks like.

The video below accurately depicts everything about baby tarpon fishing that is so rewarding. One could say it's most like treasure hunting. http://www.spanishflytv.com/theater/vdm-san-felipe-tarpon.php
After so many seasons, "Spanish Fly" on ESPN2 is still one of the best fishing shows on television. Thank you to Capt. Wejebe and his production staff for all the hard work traveling, filming and putting together such quality entertainment.

EPIPHANY- this little tarpon (below) that we caught last year measured TL (Total length) 12 inches. That would make the fish approximately one year old. Given that tarpon are long lived fish and the fact that I am 47 years old means that it has the capacity to outlive me!

22 March 2009

Tarpon- Art, Literature, Fishing, History

Fellow tarpon enthusiasts: Did you know the entire text as originally published (with photos) of "The Book of Tarpon" by A. W. Dimock is available to read at:


This treasure of a book was published in 1912! Current internet value for "The Book of Tarpon" in hardcover is between $67.00 and $99.95.

Also, check out this gem- From the PBS show, "Untold Stories". Scroll down to the weblink below to watch the show titled "Fish Fever".

Show Description: "In 1885, the first tarpon ever taken on a rod and reel was caught near Punta Rassa – a fishing feat that revolutionized sport fishing and lured hundreds of eager anglers to Southwest Florida in search of the “silver king.” Tarpon reigned supreme, but other sports species abounded. A century later, anglers and commercial fishermen were battling over the dwindling bounty of the Gulf."

The show can be seen in it's entirety at:


21 March 2009

More Tarpon Artzy Stuff


I am sure all of you have your favorite tarpon paintings, or maybe you have painted or sketched something yourself. This painting above by Diane Rome Peebles is mine. What's yours?

A worthwhile read- "My Tarpon Addiction"- by Thomas McGuane, see Field and Stream Magazine link below.

I believe I first read "My Tarpon Addiction" in a Midcurrent newsletter (which by the way is a great way to keep up with what's happening in the fly fishing world) BTW, does anyone have a copy of the old movie, Ninety Two in the Shade, adapted from McGuane's book titled the same?

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