22 March 2009

Tarpon- Art, Literature, Fishing, History

Fellow tarpon enthusiasts: Did you know the entire text as originally published (with photos) of "The Book of Tarpon" by A. W. Dimock is available to read at:


This treasure of a book was published in 1912! Current internet value for "The Book of Tarpon" in hardcover is between $67.00 and $99.95.

Also, check out this gem- From the PBS show, "Untold Stories". Scroll down to the weblink below to watch the show titled "Fish Fever".

Show Description: "In 1885, the first tarpon ever taken on a rod and reel was caught near Punta Rassa – a fishing feat that revolutionized sport fishing and lured hundreds of eager anglers to Southwest Florida in search of the “silver king.” Tarpon reigned supreme, but other sports species abounded. A century later, anglers and commercial fishermen were battling over the dwindling bounty of the Gulf."

The show can be seen in it's entirety at:


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